Client project 01

Cedarside is a coach house located at Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. The project involved working with a team member to re-design our client’s current website. The reasoning behind the project was the outdated format of the website and its lack of appeal.

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For this project we developed the content strategy as a team, upon which I individually created the wireframes, style tile, and a functioning prototype. It is designed to demonstrate simplicity, organization, and hospitality.

a photo of ux design process for client project sketches of wireframes
final wireframes a graph of information architeture, ux design process






a screenshot of the home psge of the final website a screenshot of the rates page of the final website
a screenshot showing the website is responsive, tablet view and phone view

client testimonial

" Over all my experience with this team of young new web designers was highly positive. I didn't know what to expect going into it, but I was impressed with their professionalism, maturity and commitment while ensuring my satisfaction and the final outcome of the project.
I was also impressed by their knowledge and ideas about design (layout, colours, theme, emotion created), including the exploration of the limitations and problems with my old site.
They were very clever about addressing these issues while projecting what the possibilities of a new site could be. It was obvious to me in our first meeting that they had done a lot of preparation including looking at my website, my Airbnb site, competitors websites and generally they had a good grasp of what the issues were before we even got started.