Ido what I love, it’s that simple...

I am Faezeh Omidi, a Vancouver based front-end web developer. My background is communication design and as both a web developer and graphic designer, my job is solving problems by bringing together beauty, functionality and simplicity. Through a diverse set of creative and technical skills such as HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Git, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign I am equipped and ready to tackle challenging projects. My knowledge of the UX concept provides me with a significant edge in providing a product of the highest standards. My passion is not only applying the UX design to each project but also make it accessible for all users.

Throughout my experiences as a graphic designer and later through the process of becoming a web developer, I found my calling in designing any project to be simplicity and minimalism. My works demonstrate my capability in creating complex designs and programs run in the background, while presenting the user with an appealing, straight forwards and easy to navigate design.


I recall myself having a fascination with various forms of art form thoughout my childhood. This encouraged me to try to express myself in various any artistic way, such as learning to play an instrument or taking painting classes. When I moved to Canada, I was present with an ocean of options for me to finally not only be able to nourish my love of art and design, but also be able to do so for a living.

Partaking in the programs at BCIT has given me a chance in fulfilling my dreams and the ability to contribute something back our community and society in Canada. Every new software I mastered only broadened my horizon.

Final Thought

I am thankful for these opportunities I have been granted thus far, and any future opportunities to work alongside the great, energetic and creative people that work in this field. Hence, I believe it is my responsibility to provide a product of the highest creative and technical standards for any projects I engage in.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to check out some of my work.